How can we compete with this ...

pizza hut has a new vegemite-stuffed-crust pizza. Think I’ll stick with sausage myself.

Alright, I have tried Marmite, but I never got to taste vegemite. How close is the flavor/texture to vegemite?

This was back in the summer of 1995 while I was “Chumming around” with an Aussie girl visiting the states. she was complaining about not being able to find the stuff. So I took her to a grocery store that specialized in hard to find products from all over the world. They did not have vegemite, but they did have marmite, and I tried it.
It reminded my of a beef-base, but not as grainy. I could understand its use on Canapes, or fi your are suffering from a severe salt deficiency. but not in a pizza crust