How consistent is business usually?

Hi everyone

Just a quick but broad question. The shop down the road occasionally gets heaps of business but occasionally is dead quiet. Usually how consistent is business week-on-week, assuming no promotion is running?

There are many factors that come into play when looking at consistency.
[INDENT]What day of the week is it?
Is it pay day/week?
Is there a sporting event on TV?
Is there a local event that takes people in or out of pizza mode?
Is there a competitor running a special promotion?
Is there a reason people have overspent and can’t do pizza this week? (Christmas, school starting, etc.)
Is the tourist season over?[/INDENT]

I know of shops that go from a high of $40k per week to a low of $7k per week depending on the season.

In my pizza shop days I tried to even things out by distributing menus over a multi week rotation…In a small town we did 1/3 each week for 3 weeks and then skipped 3 weeks…In a larger city we did 1/6 each week for 6 weeks and repeated the cycle with the odd week or 2 missed…Each address got a menu about 8 times a year…