How did you get started in the pizza biz?

Did you buy a an existing place or open your own? Did you know how to make all the extras(calzones, salads, etc) beyond pizza or learn as you go?

started from raw land knew nothing about food biz built it all from scratch what a trip its been lot of trial and error good luck :smiley:

Saw the local mediocre pizza place for sale . . . . worked for three months learning the business . . . bought it . . . reopened under new and improved management. I have a strong background and understanding of foods, so the building of the menu and recipes was not a difficult task. Now, making the foodservice scale processes always takes a little trial and error.

I ran a delivery service for 16 years and decided the places I delivered for were making less than quality food and knew I could make better. I found a location in the middle of a residential area that was growing and had no competition for at least a mile in any direction.

I started in a new strip mall and built from the ground up (both the business and the store)

I looked at franchises and decided going that direction I would just be buying myself a job. I am now sure that had I gone the franchise route I would not be here today. This is because I have strong opinions and do not like someone telling me how I MUST run my business.

Daddio - You are pretty AWESOME!!!

A Delivery service like the one I own? Or a flat rate delivery service?

Some customers were flat rate and others were on a precentage of the order.