How do delivery operations compensate there drivers.

:o The exact question is what works for you regarding per trip spiffs.
For example: 1-2 moles .75 a trip
2-4 miles $1.00
over four $1.25
I just picked these out of the air and we probably will base it on map zones. I have years of Pizza/Chicken delivery but never as the person deciding what to pay trip wise. We already pay minimum wage and they keep the tips. We do not charge customers for delivery.

We charge $3 per delivery. driver gets flat $1.50 per run
& $6 + per hour- they keep tips

$1.50 & up delivery charge (driver keeps $1.00 of it)
$5.25 per hr + tips
we ony have 1 driver on at a time since we just started but they have been doing at least $15/hr total

We’re in Il. We pay $3.90 per hour plus tips.

I delivered pizza in the Chicago area for 3 different places over 3 years. Most of you are much more generous than my bosses were. I received $4/hr plus tips at one place, $2.25/delivery + tips at another, and $5.15 plus tips at the third.

I am about to add delivery and was wondering this same question. I am curious to see more replies.

We’re in Ohio and charge a $2 delivery charge for houses, free delivery for businesses. Drivers get $5.15 to start plus $1 per delivery -plus tips. After 6 months thet go to $6 per hour.

Since the last time I posted, I changed my delivery charge policy to $1.50 for my entire area which the driver keeps all of it…also $5.25/hr plus tips. When all is said and done they average close to $20/hr

Our drivers get $25 per night (7 hours) plus 5% of their total bills up to $300 ($15) plus they get their tips. I charge $2 for delivery which I keep and use to pay the driver. The most I put out on a night is $40. With tips they usually make $65 to $100. All cash paid at the end of the night.

We provide the car, so the driver just gets $7.50hr, plus tips.
I know this is taboo to some people, but to everyone responding, are you protecting yourselves with insurance on deliveries? I looked at non owned insurance for drivers using their own car, but it turned out more feasible for us to own the car, and the delivery charge goes toward the expenses.
Tom R

Tom, I always thought your way was more expensive…i have a 1M hired-non-owned policy that is included in my commercial business package and opted for an additional $1M umbrella policy. I do have a car and scooter that are covered but our drivers do not use for liability purposes.

What are you paying for owned-hired?

I pay 7-8 per hour, in town deliveries are 1.99 they get 1.00, out of town is 5.50 they get 3.00, they average 15-18 per hour when they add in their tips

I do both - one company car, and the driver gets no per-delivery, but all other drivers use their own vehicle and get 1$ per delivery.
I pay more per hour, and work the drivers hard inside. They wash dishes, they place door hangers, they make dough and pizza. But they get about the same per hour as insiders…
And YES - I have the proper insurance both for the company car and for the non-owned hired.

I want to clarify since this has come up before. “Per delivery” means per stop. “Per run” means per trip. A 3-stop “run” gets the drive $1.50, but the store charges $9.

I am not sure what dolphin meant, but trip & run mean the same to me…my POS does it my order so I multiply the orders by the delivery charge that it their take…they make a killing when they do doubles and triples!

With that compensation system it would seem there would be a huge turnover in drivers.

we pay $5 per hour plus tips. they make boxes, fill soda cases, mop at closing and complain alot. The make 15-20 per hour. I rarely need drivers, they make more and do less than cooks. I’ve had same pay rate for 9 years & don’t plan on an increase any time soon. We cahrge .75 per delivery & store keeps it.

We pay the drivers $5.00/ hr and then give and charge a $2.00 Delivery Fee with the exception of businesses which we do not charge but we still give the drivers the $2.00