How do i get this brick in my oven??

I recently purchased a bakers pride oven and on delivery the crew broke my brick…they told me to come pick it up and its easy to get in…thats not the case

any suggestions how i can get this thing in the oven???

If broken on delivery, you should get it replaced - it’s key in the baking process.
It is not easy - you need a couple strong people to lift and slide it in place, and you should have “shims” to place under it to get it level.
I found the hardest part was that once you have all three slabs in (I have one with three slabs) you really can’t then lift them up easily to get shims under them for leveling.
Then there are a couple long metal strips you should have that slip in on the edges so there isn’t a big gap between the slab and the wall of the oven.
I hope that helps a LITTLE…

Have them come put it in… they broke it.

I think your problem is that the brick is wider than the door, is that the case?

ahh…the joy of having a CTX conveyor oven…

Or a MMPS360


Or a seriously underpowered Blodgett 981 with STEEL decks. (and the clips installed to keep them from warping up in the corners).

what is a shim?

In this case, it’s a little rectangle of metal that was provided by BP with my ovens.
In any case, a shim is a little scrap of something (wood, metal, plastic) that is used to make something fit better. A matchbook under a table leg is an improvised shim.

The little metal rectangles just go under the stone to lift one corner or one side if needed to make the thing level. That’s my problem - once I figured that out, I already had all three slab segments in, and it was hard as H3CK to get the shims in under, so the three slabs were even with each other and level.

our has been cracked for 3 years and have no problem…however ours was here if it is new and the broke it they should replace it…period.