How do i look after / service my conveyor oven

Have had my 2nd hand oven 10 months now - do I need to service it and clean the engine . Had problems when I first got it and the repair man told me i should have it serviced every 6 months ( at a cost of $300 if memory serves - cash flow a bit low at the moment) . Someone else told me i should vacuum the engine and air vents fortnightly . am curious what everyone else does ???

Hi Grapsta:

What is the make and model of you oven so I know what information to respond with
George Mills

Thanks George. it’s a Lincoln Impinger - I reckon it’s Model 1457 ( faded numbers )


I’m a fellow Aussie in Perth.

Don’t neglect the cleaning of your oven even if you think the cash flow is slow. It will e non existent if the oven packs it in due to not being serviced.

We get ours cleaned every three - four months for $300 and it is the best investment made. We do approximately 700 pizzas a week plus putting through ribs, wedges, garlic bread and lamb shanks. We have a Middlbey Marshall PS360. It takes the guy about 3 - 4 hours to strip it down, acid bath it and put it back together including cleaning out the inside and outside. We get the other bits serviced once a year for about the same price.

Don’t scrimp on saving a few bucks because you think you are cash poor. If you have a lower turnover you may only need it done twice a year costing you about $12 per week - less than a packet of ciggies.


Hi Grapsta:

I am not as familiar with maintenance on your oven as with some others but to my knowledge there is very little maintenance on your oven.

It is good practice to, at the end of the day, use a soft brush and brush off the conveyor belt as it go’s through a complete cycle. Then clean out the crumb pans.

At least once a week open the door and clean out the bottom of the oven chamber where droppings accumulate. When doing the above look at the air distribution fingers mostly the lower ones if there appears to be an accumulation of drippings on any of then remove them one at a time for cleaning. You will have to lift the conveyor belt as high as possible then pull the finger straight towards you clean it they come apart you will see how its simple. Replace that finger and if necessary clean another. Do only one at a time so if there a difference in them you will put them back where they came from.

Weekly check the air filter on the control box. That box is on the right side behind the conveyor.

To my knowledge there are no lubrication points on Lincoln ovens so the above should be your only maintenance chores.

If someone knows of any maintenance I have overlooked please advise.

George Mills

Hi Wa Dave;

Good advice but yours is a Middleby and they require a lot of disassembly in order to clean and take hours to clean After three months without weekly cleaning your ovens really will need cleaning

Lincoln oven owners and those who have the new modern ovens like th XLT can easily clean there own ovens, clean them in a few minutes and clean them much much more often and save the $300.00

George mills


We do clean ours weekly as well but we still require the periodic cleaning to remove all the “hard” deposits that accumalate, especially when it gets inside the finger holes etc.

You are correct about requiring a lot of disassembly, that’s why I pay someone to do it for me.