How do I post my menu?

I would like to post my menu for your suggestions. It is in MS Publisher format. Does anyone know how to do that? Please advise.


I’m not familiar with MS Publisher, but if you can save the file in an image format like .jpg or .gif you can upload it to something like ImageShack® - Hosting.

After you upload, they provide you with a BBcode link you can post here for people to click on and view it.

Hope that works for you.

If you post it as a Microsoft Publisher file most people will not be able open it…Best to post it as a pdf…If you do not have a pdf driver on your computer your can use PrimoPDF…Google it…

OK I did the primopdf thing and now have my menu as two pdf’s. How do I post them?

I always post stuff to my own server…Do you have a website?..If so you need to upload the files to your website and post the link by using the URL above…I am not sure if you can upload right to this server…

Nope no website! Now what??

I believe you would be out of luck at this time in this forum. Only way I have found to post something like that is with a URL for a website that hosts the file. You might find one of the numerous free photo posting sites to pop it up into and then put the URL here. We use to host our pictures.

No time like the present to find some web hosting and build a site…It is an integral part of any marketing program for a pizza place (or any business for this matter)…

You can post and share some files for free at If you can’t get it to work, PM me and I’ll get them put up somewhere for you.