How do you answer, How much is a Pizza?

One of the most frustrating questions I get on a constant basis is How Much Is A Pizza? I have tried a number of ways to answer the question but have not been 100% successful on converting every instance to a sale. I don’t care much for price shoppers since my shop is (like many of yours) one that takes pride in the fact we make good food not cheap food.

I have compared the question to going into a car dealer and asking How much is a car? I need to know what size and what options. That approach has been met with less than stellar success. I have given the price for the most popular pizza in each size which too has had limited success.

I am careful to avoid those calls… it brings out the smartass in me. My manager is much better at this than I am.

“Well, lets find out what kind of pizza you want and the size and figure it out.”

If you can inject some fun into the conversation it tends to work. On the other hand, if they are pure price shoppers, we just are not likely to get the sale. (Which also brings out the smartass: “I could maybe suggest another pizza store that makes pizza you can afford”)

My stock responce was “anywhere from 6.99 to 18.99 pending on size and toppings” my small cheese was 6.99 at the time

Sometimes when I get that I am a smartazz. And I say well how much is a car?

Then they say. What kind of car, oh my bad. I get it now. Lol

I think we have an effective way of handling price shopper calls. Our staff is trained to say " we are not going to be the cheapest pizza in town, but our pizza is awesome and in general you get what you pay for" then we tell them our two pizza specials. We still get the price shopper hangups, but we usually get the order.

I like: “If you have to ask you cannot afford it!” 8)

I keep it simple and just answer the question. What size? Oh it starts at $10.99 plain. Never have a problem they are either going to buy it or not. It doesnt matter that you think you have the best food, or you think you have the best service. To that customer they just want a cheap pizza. You should just let them go and find the cheapest pizza around, when they get bad food or bad service from xyz pizza then maybe they will call you and you will have your shot. To sum it all up your not going to get every single person in your area to order off of you. Just do your job and let everything fall into place.

I say our pizzas start at 8 buck for a small cheese and then go from there