How do you build up lunch buisness

I own a small shop and need to build up muy lunches. What have you done that has worked for you? We have dropped off menus and sent pizzas and subs to area buisness’ but haven’t gotten alot of buisness from that approach. Any help would be great!

I have had great success with Lunch specials. I sell about 60 per day. The specials are about 35% of my lunch sales. Lunch has to be affordable. I gave coupon magnets for $1 off any lunch special to all the local businesses (2,000 workers) and the companies put them in the employee paychecks. That really helped bring the people in. Alot of them come back in the evening to take dinner home.
Take a look at my specials on my website (specials page). You also have to be fast!!! People only get short breaks so they can’t wait to long for food.

We’ve had success dealing with drug reps. A good starting point is getting the names of reps from your own doctor or from doctor offices you might be delivering too currently. Another route to take is to leave a menu and special offer at doctors offices for the staff to give to drug reps when they get there. Buy the rep lunch or offer free movie passes or free car wash or some kind of kick-back for their effort. Many of the drug reps we deal with have had the ability to buy clients dinner away but still allow lunches.

Bringing menus and free pizzas to businesses is key. The mistake is to run in, drop off the menu and pizza and then just take off. The pizza is what buys you time. When you come bearing gifts such as free food, people are a lot more forgiving of you disrupting their business flow. Use the time the pizza buys you to ask questions. What does everyone do for lunch currently ? Do you have meetings ? Do you have a rep that likes to buy you lunch ?

You might want to look into day-cares and school lunch programs. We offer a $5.99 pizza to day-cares. They call for birthday parties, holidays or just for a special treat for the kids.

POTM is right, your lunch specials have to be cheap and have to be fast.

I did a mock up of the black book letter and Jen from gorilla cards did post cards size magnets with a calander on it.
I took it around to local businesses and gave out a free lunch to one business a day. Then I went to our bank where they have a huge business card drawing every week and partnered with them and every day I snd out a free lunch winner via the email from the business cards, They very RARLEY come alone…

I also do lunch time faxing…with andy at rfg marketing … om_sitemap

going to put up a banner too this week for lunch specials

good luck