HOw do you calculate every night sales for the day?

HOw do you guys do it, the ones that dont have a POS system i do about 9k -11k week. Do you sit there and add up all tickets minus what you pay the drivers for the day and the other employees or just how much you sold for the day.

I am new at this so if someone can break it down it would be nice. thanx

[size=7]CASH REGISTER[/size]


thanx :slight_smile:

Sorry had to do it lol :lol:

hehe its ok… i meant to ask do you deduct the employees pay or just how much you sold that day you write down in your books.

Seriously, pick up a cheap Sharp cash register. You can then just run a summary at the end of the day.

yeah i have a good cash register its not that… ah nevermind…

I’m sorry. I thought you were adding up tickets. Are you asking the accounting side of things?

Total sales is just that - a total of all the sales.

You need to record all cash in takings i.e. cash takings, card takings, sales tax
You also need to record all cash out i.e. food bought cash, wages paid cash, delivery allowance/mileage paid cash gas purchased for company vehicles etc etc.

Daily sales is NOT sales minus deductions as you stated in your first post.

You will need a cash register and a spreadsheet or cash book to list taking (cash in) and also any deductions (cash out).

Hope this helps

sent u a pm, I have a blank spreadsheet I created in Open Office, if anyone wants it just pm let me know.

tahnk you sir

If you do everyhting on paper, create an accounting system for yourself and enter the sales in a spread sheet. Total sales for the day is total sales. Expenses for the day are expenses, 2 seperate things.

You are kidding right? I hope so.

about? Expenses are expenses are they not? (one side of the spreadshhet) Sales are sales (the other side). You don’t deduct expenses off your total sales for the day and call that sum your total sales. Am i wrong?


I was curious to see how everyone does it at the end of the day… if getting on the computer to do this or sitting there writing it

i write it on a sheet of paper and then deduct the employees that i paid that day…

That is NOT sales. Sales is sales. Expenses is expenses.

Are you trying to calculate PROFIT?

I highly recommend (in addition to PMQ of course!).

Here is a free report that may be of use to you and indicative of the material members have access to.

I might not want to know the answer to this question…

You are withholding taxes from the amount that you are paying those employees at the end of the night?