HOw do you calculate every night sales for the day?

I would seriously recommend you go talk with your accountant as a matter of urgency and get an understanding on how to run the paper side of your business, otherwise we will be hearing of another one biting the dust.

Sorry, but I just can’t comprehend what you have written. It beggars belief that doing those figures you don’t seem to understand the financials.

Please don’t take this as an attack on you but rather as help, which I feel you desperately need.



Have you looked at this post it refers to a web site that gives insight to where the money goes in the food industry.

Sales are your gross then you look at the cost of what you sold to get your gross profit. then work down through the rest of the expenses and you will come to your net profit.

thanx for all the advice guys

but i guess i didnt know how to ask the question… and you guys got the wrong impression.

That sounds accurate. Not that we haven’t gone above and beyond expectations in trying.

as far as figuring out profit there is not a reason why you should be doing it per day…Get yourself a standard p&l sheet it will make your life alot easier. Write down your total sales - all labor, expenses, food.
total sales-labor, food, expenses=profit

Can you e-mail it to me??

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Tango I am giving it another stab…

I use both writing and a computer. We keep a binder at work with all the paper work for the week. Real easy. Then at the end of the week I take the binder and give them a new. I enter it into the computer on quickbooks. Great program been using it for years. Also does payroll.

Here is the lists of sheets we use"

Gross sales voids/ over rings cash paid out register fund should be in drawer +/- what is in drawer register fund credit cards deposit
= - - + = +/- = - - =

Gross sales (minus void/OR) divided by tax rate = net sales

Delivery Totals

Cash Paid Out sheet

List of empty squares with days listed we also list the accounts these qualify under. (Like cleaning/food etc)

Then we have a cash count sheet for counting drawer three times a day
We also have a delivery sheet for cashing out drivers

We do pay an accountant to “double” check tax payments and to do end of year taxes. I send him a disk of my quickbooks everymonth. He charges a nominal fee of 100 bucks monthly and then about 500 bucks for final taxes.

Sales include paid outs for the day…deposits will not.

We actually do the top sheet 3 times one for day one for night and one for overall sales for the entire day. Just started doing this about 6 months ago so I can track day and night sales.

I hope this may have answered a question. If not I got plenty of typing in for the day. :lol:


Oh yeah…we use a casio register we bought at office max for 300 bucks. Programmed all the items in and it gives us a report. The only time I audit tickets and add them up is if I want to “check” everyone and everything is on the up and up.



pretty mucht he same way i do it