How do you clean your delivery bags?

Hey all,
I use the Bag Solutions bags, the some Green, some Red… a driver spilled something white all over the inside and outside of a Green bag… I scrubbed it with light soap and water but it still doesn’t come clean.

What do you guys use to clean them? I didn’t want to soak the bags because when I got some knockoff bags from some other place before, the insulation bunched up and pretty much destroyed the bags. I like these new bags and don’t want to screw them up.

Thanks all!

Yes please some answers.

I have a similar problem and have had the same with washing them and the insulation bunching up.


I use a micro fiber cloth and warm water. It seems to be the only thing that I have found that will pick up the grime on the bags. I get them from the automotive department of Costco. They are also great for windows and stainless steel.

Are you guys using top loading washing machines, or front loaders, when they bunch up? A new laundromat is opening close enough I can hit the front door with a meatball . . . I may try their big front loader out with an old bag.

We just flip inside out, wipe out with some degreaser and then sanitizer. Ours don’t get near the wear and tear that you guys are talking about, though. I’m going to look into a microfiber cloth as well.

Nick be ever so careful if you wash them…ever wash a pillow? We made the mistake years ago of washing them, it didn’t work. Also I think fully washing them, even if you are clever enough to figure out how, might mess with the insulation.

We also use microfiber towels. We thoroughly clean ours as part of our weekly clean up. Be careful using chemicals…they tend to make the bag stink when the steam hits. We just use LIGHT bleach and the towel.

You can get microfiber towels at walmart, dollar store…pretty much anywhere.


I contacted Bag Solutions and they told me this:

Our suggested cleaning instructions are to put the bags in your sink fill with water and mild detergent and scrub down. Then hang to dry overnight.

I’ll be trying this tonight on the green bag, using a microfiber towel as you all suggested, and let ya know if the insulation starts bunching over the next few days.

Thanks all!

very interesting…keep us posted on how it (they) turn out.


I have always used a scrub brush like the ones you use to clean the tires on a car. i put tide in a bucket and go to town, not had any problems…I too made the mistake of tossing in the wash…not good