How do you cook chicken?

RaymiR posted in another thread that he pounds his own out, etc.

I need help badly (yes, this is for home use, but it’s gotta transfer well to commerical kitchens too, right). My wife makes horrible chicken. She buys the skinless boneless breasts, opens the package and tosses them in whatever cooking method she desires. My fear of chicken goes back to being a young teenager making fried chicken. I fried it until it looked good on the outside, bit into it, and haven’t made homemade fried chicken since. I HAVE cooked fried chicken at a fast food joint that served fried chicken using those big non-pressurized circular chicken cookers. Of course it was timed and all so it wasn’t exactly rocket science.

Anyway, back to cooking chicken. Do you pound it out with the waffle side or the flat side? Do you take anything off the skinless boneless breasts other than the big artery that some places leave behind? Do you remove the tenderloin or leave it in (if you do remove it, what do you do with it)? Next, how about some seasoning suggestions? Go slowly so I get it all right :). Also, what knife type do you find to be the best for trimming the chicken? Next, how do you cook it and most importantly, how do you determine when it’s “done”? I’m so scared of undercooking that I normally overcook to dryness. That, of course, makes for very blah chicken.

using breasts place plastic wrap on counter top and then put chicken skin side up and removed, then place another layer of plastic wrap over chicken and with a flat surface pound out chicken to a consistent thickness. open plastic wrap and trim off excess and any tendons. if making chicken parm, have wet and dry ready to go, cook til golden dark brown and let sit for 1 minute and drain off oil. any other questions seasoning can vary per region.

hello snowman,when using a tenderizer use the flatside being careful not to over pound and destroy it.the waffle side is for tenderizing red meats.However when sauteing a 1/2’’ chic breast just cook 3-4 min. on ea. side you can cut into it just to be sure.As far as good recipees go to…hope this help ya.