How do you cut your pizza?

I was wondering what you think tankers thought about the rolling cutter v. rocking knife debate? What do you use? is there anything else out there you’ve found that works?
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Andrew Abernathy
PMQ Associate Editor

MACHETE! :twisted:

I use a rolling cutter. I have never used a rocking knife, so I can’t really say which is better.

dexter pizza cutter 4" awsome


We use the rocker knife-I prefer it but is really just what you feel comfortable with.

We totally “Rock”.

It’s quicker, easier to keep a clean blade.

rocking cutter! less movement of pizza with it and a few quick pushes down and done

I use a rocker knife that I had custom made by a local knife maker. It keeps an edge 4 times longer than the commercial knifes I have tried.

My staff have come to realize the real value of a good knife. When I sent the custom knife for sharpening the girl on cut complained there was something wrong with the knife not realizing it was one of the commercial knifes she was using.

I’ve used both: which is better depends on what your pizza is like. If your pizza tends to have lotsa layers, like bacon, peperoni, and salami, then a knife is best, as a roller will destroy the pizza. But if you don’t have lotsa flat meats, like an olive, onion, and sausage pizza, than a roller works great.

ok so this is going to sound stupid but when using a knife or rocker do you cut it in the box or do you cut on board and then slide into box i have always had trouble just custting it in the box and i am an old NOID and was always pushed about about temp loss from transfer

but the previuos post makes sense abou the meat will try it today


for years we used the roller, it was ok but every now and then you would get the dreadful “drag” we switched to the rocker and never had that problem again I would never go back

Gotta cut it on a board, and then slide. I took a large plastic cutting board and whittled it into the shape I wanted.

We use a rocker and cut it on the peel. Occasionally, we cut our Chicago styles on an unfolded box. I’ve never tried a roller, but can’t imagine it’s better…

My trouble is the cheap Winco rocker knifes - the handles keep breaking. I need to invest in a better knife.


Here are some pictures of the custom knife I had made. Notice the blade forms part of the handle so there is no danger of it breaking off. The knife costs a bit more than what you would pay for one from a food service supplier but in my opinion the extra is well worth it.

Geez… and I was just joking about the machete Daddio! :shock:

I use a 5 inch roller cutter. Dennis(Fat Boys), try moving up from the four inch one. We made the switch a few months ago after 13years and now the 4" roller feels like a toy. It’ll only take a couple hours till the 5" one will feel right to you.

We use a wheel and cut the pizza in the box. We tried the Zyliss palm slicer and it worked great,was easy to handle and always cut clean, but it wasn’t rugged enough for commercial use and the housing kept coming apart.

Now if they made it with a 5 inch wheel and rugged housing…

What do you do with that, just mash it down on the pie? We sell an 18" and that 14.5" blade you have on there would cause me to either pick up the knife and mash it down again, or slice the pie, which might cause a little drag through the pie.

Now, I’m not an expert by any means, so feel free to make me seem uninformed, although I can dice the hell out of some bell peppers with my 11 cent garage sale Chinese chef’s knife.

I use a rocker and slide the pie into the box as well, 'cause that’s how Rockstar Ron trained us!

The blade is actually 16" and the largest pizza I sell is 14". The knife has a curved blade and is rocked across the pizza by placing the tip on the cutting board at one side of the pizza and rocking toward the handle. The knife is very sharp and makes a very clean cut.

Roller for us. In the box. As long as you keep them sharp (yes, they need to be sharpened like any other knife!) they work great. They do not drag the toppings around if they are sharp. You avoid heat loss as pointed out above, and speed things up by cutting in the box.