How do you deal with combined sauces on a pizza?

I’m not talking about a split sauce where they’re doing 1/2 red sauce and the other 1/2 pesto. This is a case where someone orders a standard pizza off of our menu and says they want pesto. So we make it with pesto, instead of red sauce… when served they question, “Where is the red sauce?” So it was not clear when they ordered they wanted BOTH sauces.

Have you ever encountered this? How would you do both sauces? Do you charge for extra sauce? or an extra handling fee (we charge $1 for a split sauce 1/2 & 1/2 (I know many pizza shops do not do splits) We happen to do split pizzas but only in medium and large sizes, our small is 10" and its too cumbersome to accommodate spits on small crusts.

In thinking this out, it seems we’d do the pesto first, then top with the red, but the spoodle would need to not be used back in the red sauce, just keep one for this combo…

Mind you, in 7 + yrs of operation we’ve only had this request before… but the customer explained CLEARLY they wanted both sauces. This time, they assumed I knew what they wanted, and I made the mistake of not clarifying they wanted a substitution vs having both on the pie.

Thank you for sharing your insights on this.

I haven’t had that come up but I can see a customer ask for pizza sauce mixed with white or pesto sauce. I would charge an additional ingredient. and then just mix it in a bowl or one on top of the other would work. a quick spoodle rinse and your off to the next pizza.

I thought everyone kept pesto in a swueeze bottle, just lay down you red sauce and sprial on your pesto, top and charge accordingly

Our Margherita pizza gets red sauce and pesto, its not too crazy once you get used to it

we keep our pesto refrigerated because we’re such a small shop in such a remote small town, the pesto orders are maybe one a week up to maybe one a day… it would have to be a rather large opening to just squeeze it out. (our cheat is we buy the pesto basil from Costco because we just don’t do that many)
Do you make your own or do you buy it pre-made?

On our menu for our base sauce section we have (choose 1) so the customer knows. We do have 1 customer that orders once a week online that requests in the comments to have pesto and red sauce mixed. The first couple times we called him back to confirm what he wanted. Now my whole staff knows how he likes it. We don’t charge extra as I don’t really see it as an inconvenience.

Our pesto sauce is kind of thick so we brush it on. We tried small spoodles but would always end up putting too much on.

We keep the pesto squeeze bottle under the salad bar. Mine is thinner bc I add olive oil to it if it starts to become too gloopy.
My pesto doesnt include nuts.
Armanino pesto is the best no nut pesto I found to purchase
I prefer to make my own in a batch and freeze it.
Its 1lb fresh basil removing the stems
About 24 cloves fresh garlic
3 1/2 cups grated romano
2 cups olive oil blend.
Blend in a food processor.
It will become really thick after a day, so I add a little oil to thin it out
Pesto freezes really well