How do you deal with the problem of drivers leaving food behind when they take a delivery?

If the driver who forgot the item is the same driver who goes back out to bring the forgotten item, how do you “penalize” them? Do they punch out to take the missed item (so they are off the clock)? What if you have a different driver take the missed item, who gets what from the tip? How do you deal with this to help prevent this from happening again? I want to stress the importance of my drivers being responsible (because it helps them to get better tips. Also, when something like this happens, there is a chance that you upset or even lose the customer (and they might even post on social media how items were forgotten).

They can’t be off the clock.
This happened from time to time- they would miss the next run to return the item.
If another driver had to correct the issue- I would usually give them a few bucks out of my pocket.
If it happens enough w/ a specific person… that’s an issue.

You will either have to enforce a policy of something like checking all the printed items on the order slips, or if this is happening with one particular driver, then maybe there should be a job opening at your shop :wink:

Either they have to check the order before they leave or get a delivery dispatcher who cross checks everything.

I penalize a driver that if they caused the problem , they have to go back and fix it. That means no deliveries until they correct it. They will learn fast.

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Just a reminder to check the orders more carefully in the future. Things happen, people make mistakes. Say your peace and move on.

Your focus is in the wrong place. The priority is how do you get the right food, fresh and hot to the customer that ordered it a promptly as possible? Also, do you need to do anything for the customer for the inconvenience?

After that, I agree with some of the other comments. Shit happens. Move on. If the same driver has the problem over and over give them a written warning that future service failures will result in being fired.

Over time everyone will mess up and everyone will pick up the slack to cover someone elses mistake. As long as it is spread around pretty evenly everyone should be fine with it.

Could you give me an example or two of what you mean by have them fix it, before they go on another delivery? If they forgot to deliver something, they take that item back before they get a new delivery? What if they made a mistake on an item they put on the ticket? Do they have to deliver it, before they get a new delivery order? What if they are on a delivery a little further away, would you make the customer wait for them to get back then go or send someone else? We happen to deliver up to 45 to 60 minutes away, partially because we are a kosher restaurant, so there are much less restaurants around to fill that requirement. We have a lot of customers that love the flavors we put out, and they have no need for a kosher diet, but just love our food.

Our delivery area is close as we only go out 2 miles, so normally they would come back if it was their only 1 and go back and fix it ( if it was their fault).
If that delivery is on a 2-3 run , I send someone else. Mistakes happen , but order accuracy is key to success. When time is wasted, everyone loses money

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First priority is fixing the mistake so I would send whoever was available if it would be more than 5 to 7 minutes before the original driver was returning. The driver that made the mistake would lose their spot in rotation and would miss out on a delivery. I had very few times where it happened a second time, they liked their tips too much.

@pizzapiratespp - Agreed 100%. Just treat them like people and share with them how valuable it is what they are doing. They are helping others enjoy their lives more and create memories. Eating Pizza alone makes people happy and it’s because of them they are getting in the first place. They are not just delivering pizza, they are making people happy. There are some employee management software and similar apps around which you can implement as well.