How do you decide organization of make line for efficiency?

We use a 2 door rotoflex, make line load pizza in. we keep pre sheeted dough on the line on cardboard, cracker crust. my question is, there must be a way to mathematically determine what should go where based on sales . …? any ideas? thanks

I think this totally is dependent on how you have your kitchen set up. Where do you stretch? Where is your oven? Do you sell just pizza or do you have other items? Some toppings can be used for multiple items besides pizza and you may want those more central for employees to grab. It’s also a question of how big of a makeline do you have?

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Pre-sheeted dough on cardboard? Do you mean these doughs are cut by stencils and kept in the refrigerated section on corrugated cardboard circles?

Make line efficiency setup for me has always been two things: have the most used toppings closest to the front and keep the setup the same everyday.

We set up in the order used… Dough, Sauce, Cheese, Flat toppings like pepperoni, sliced sausage then the toppings that go on last. We have more toppings than will fit on the line so the ones used less often are inside the unit. This way it is a continuous flow from dough ball to oven.