How do you do your marketing? (Quantity or Frequency?)

I wanted to get a feel for what others have found to work best. I am going to be doing about $1,000 worth of EDDM per month (approximately 5,000 pieces) along with some door hanging as well for my employees during slower periods.

I also utilize box toppers, loyalty rewards (through etc.

My question is what is better, hitting more people (so 5,000 each month until I get through the whole area of about 15,000) or utilizing that 5,000 and hitting the same people again and again.

Also, if it is frequency that we should go for how should we split it up (2,500 every other week, 1200 every week rotating monthly, etc)

Thanks for the input!

I’ve posted “The 5 Most Dangerous Pizza Marketing Mistakes” report… … f#zoom=100

This should be helpful since it addresses your question…

Thank you very much for the information Kamron.

Frequency over reach any day of the week.

We have just about 20,000 homes in our marketing zone, and I split those up into 4 groups of 5,000. When we go on an acquisition campaign I hit one of the 5,000 groups 3 times in 4 weeks (sending every other week.) I don’t think I’ve ever had a time when the second mailing didn’t yield me more new customers than the first mailing.

Remember to track not only your overall ROI, but how many new customers are brought in. You have much cheaper ways to contact your existing customers with database mailings, e-mail and Repeat Returns. If all your EDDM does is bring in existing customers you’re probably flushing 95% of your money down the toilet.

Quality is what I propose. What would frequency and quantity do if you lack quality? You should also take efficiency into consideration.

Frequency all the time. Frequency trumps quantity in every marketing category.

One thing to think about though, is that you want to look at your marketing goals. If it is new customer generation, then hitting your trade area often is by far the best way to increase the number of customers per square mile. There are a few ways to do this, and most will work, but every market is different, and every owner/manager is different. If you run 10k a day, then start putting out door to door fliers and killing two birds with one stone. If you can’t stand door hangers, then bulk mail is probably a better solution. The key is to pick something you are comfortable doing, so you stick with it.