How do you get a "Buttery" Crust?

As I’m working on a new crust recipie… i’m looking to give it a buttery flavor.

What is the best way to go about this? Will adding a liquid Margerin to the dough work? Or use a dry mix like Butter Buds or something of that nature?

Thanks all!

Maybe try adding butter.
Or brush liq marg or melted butter on the crust after you cook the pizza
Or brush on before you cook the pizza

brush liquid on the crust, just before going into the oven

This may not be what youre looking for but one Italian place I worked at that had really popular pizza would brush a homemade garlic butter on the crust right before serving. I ate it all the time and thought it was excellent. :smiley:

yeah hungry howies does that and many other flavors… what i’m looking for is a Home Run Inn style crust… it has a buttery flakey texture.

Check out the forums at That site will be invaluable to you. There are lots of clone recipes. I think you will find substituting semolina for some 15-25% of your four weight and using a lot of oil will yield the desired result. You should find lots of recipes like that over at pizzamaking.

Patrick Cuezze

yes, that is where i found the Home Run Inn recipies that i’m talking about :lol:

Give the Malinatis knock-off a try. Make sure you follow the steps carefully (including when to introduce the oil). I have made these at home several times and they are fantastic - a great buttery and flaky texture. I use butter flavored crisco liberally on the pan (some use margarine) and try to make it thinner than is recommended.

pcuezze, are you reffering to this recipie?,3115.0.html

No - this one: … 80.20.html

at #26 but use the method for mixing described on page 1 of the post.

This is a really good crust IMO.

Found another one on there that uses Crisco (which i just bought last night to test out).

I’ll let you know how they both go!

How’d it go?

This may be off the wall but how about a buttermilk bisquit shaped to fit the size crust you want. Prebake it then put toppings on and bake the toppings and serve.

There are two good ways to get a rich buttery flavor in a crust. The first is to use butter in the crust to replace all other forms of fat. Make sure the butter is at 5% or more of the total flour weight. If you’re working on a pan style pizza, in addition to butter in the dough, consider using clarified butter or a really good, butter flavored, table grade margarine (like Blue Bonnet) to grease the pan with. This puts the butter/butter flavor on the outside of the crust where it will be the first flavor (taste and aroma) the consumer picks up on when eating the pizza.
Pretty nifty, huh?
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I’ll try with 5% butter instead of 1.5% and reduce the corn oil. But what about substituting some or all of the corn oil with Whirl? Is it a 1:1 vegetable oil substitute?

sorry i havent posted back on the results… after help from Tom and adjusting the crust here and there i’ve finally got the flavor i want, with a buttery flavor, but with NO BUTTER. I do however use a lot of corn oil, my main issue was the salt/sugar/corn oil %s to use. And for the pan’s, i tried to wipe the pan with a stick of salted butter, it does give it a little extra buttery flavor but not much.

I’ll try the margarine and see how that works… I already use a liquid margarine for breadsticks, but it’s a little bit of a pain to wipe all over the pan, my supplier has 1# sticks of 50%/50% margarine & salted butter… i may try that out and see how the flavor is.

Do you mind sharing your oil/sugar/salt %'s??

Whirl is just a butter flavored oil, and while butter is roughly 80% fat plus 20% water, I would just use a direct 1:1 substitution. You might also look at Butter Flavored Crisco, I’ve seen it used in a lot of applications.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor