How do you guys keep your pizza warm when its finished?

Hey guys, long time lurker here with my first post.

My restaurants box warmer (actually, it was a dough proofer that got warm enough to keep my pizzas nice and hot while they waited for their owners) has gone down. Repairing it seems more difficult then I would like and I cannot find anywhere that even makes this particular warmer.

What would you guys recommend as a new warmer? Obviously I don’t want to spend a fortune but I do want it to last.

Thanks everyone!

We either put the pizzas under a heat lamp, or place them on top of the oven to keep warm.

I use a 7’ heated shelf…actually bought it at an auction years ago for $10…

In the mean time, you might insider using a ‘sterno’ type of heat supply…don’t use stereo, as it can/will flavor the pizza…use a paraffin based product…will last for hours

We also use heated shelves, 3 of the 5’ ones, and while crunching electricity costs I realized each of them costs us about $50/month in electricity to power. Ouch!

I recently saw one in a trade magazine that included a pressure plate that only switched it on when there was food (this one was for burgers) on it. Now I understand why they added that feature. I’m looking around to see if they make one for pizza.

We of the “toss it on top of the oven” variety here. We’ll leave the top ajar slightly to aid in getting some of the humidity out. At least in our minds…

We also use a couple of heat strips on our other line at our “pass” for the other side of our menu. They could also be used successfully for keeping the pizza warm, but as mentioned their operation comes at a cost.

Oven topper here.

We used and AltoShaam warming cabinet . . . and when that got full, top of oven ruled.

top of the oven for me no complaints yet, been doin it for 4 years.

Top of the oven here as well - when we have a large (20-30+ pies) order, I’ll turn off the exhaust fan until they go out.

I’ve never seen an oven insulated so well that it doesn’t put out enough heat to be a warmer for a while. Even with the hood running. That’s amazing.

And, possibly silly.

Used to use vinal ten pie carriers they were heavly insulated