how do you handle $100 bills for delivery

we currently do not take them unless you have been ordering from us for a very long time. It seems like in the last few months we have had a lot of new customers trying to pay with them and get all pissy when we tell them sorry drivers do not carry that much cash (they don’t we have a limit on cash in our POS that a driver can carry) and they end up canceling the whole order…after we spent 20 minutes on the phone!

So what is everyone else’s policy?

Re: how do you handle $100 bilss for delivery

What do you do when the driver shows up and doesn’t have change for $100 ? The driver calls the manager ?

Why do people even have $100 bills I don’t know? I go to the bank, and the ATM has never given me a bill larger than $50, but typically $20 only.

Most customers usually tell me they will need change for $100. If the have not they always have the option of paying with credit card or debit card. My driver carries a protable machine so there is usuall no problem taking plastic as an option if he doesn’t have change for $100.

We ask, then bring change. Our employees have a pen and know how to check for counterfeit bills.

What gets me is the random fake $10 bill. I’ve had 2 since we opened and I couldn’t tell they were fake. *They were probably handed to the driver on a night delivery, but even myself and the manager couldn’t tell they were fake.

We rarely got them, but when we did, either the person would tell us when we took the order, or the driver would bring it back to the store and then take their change back with them later on their next delivery.

We say thankyou.

we take them, there have been times in my delivery career when the customer did not tell the phone person about the 100 dollar bill. Most times I had the change in my wallet or in my pocket. There were a few times when i didn’t. I would tell them. “I can either go get you change” if there was a business within a minute’s drive or that they could call the store and pay with debit or credit. These days most people pay with debit or credit anyway.

Us too.

The long and short of it is this: Always make it as easy and painless as you can for someone to give you their money.


Some of you guy lets your drivers carry around $80 or more?

That’s my thing…

ESPECIALLY when they tell you they are paying with it and need change, then they definately know that they are going to have a bit of money on them…

Heck, we just had someone steal all the AC compressors off the back of our building…who’s not above robbing a driver no a days…

It is a tough call.

I tell my drivers over and over again to drop money, not to carry more than $20-$30 on them at a time, etc. etc.

Why would it be okay for them to carry more just because someone says they have a $100?

Funny thing is, I’d say 98% of the customers who say they only have $100 are having a delivery made to some of the most questionable areas that we deliver to. Odd, customers living in Section 8 housing or $200/month apartments have the most $100’s to break, while I’m not sure I can ever remember needing to break $100 in any of our nicer areas.

Most of the time customers let us know they need change for $100 bills (rarely happens by surprise). One or two deliveries and a driver has the change anyways.

Potential Robber calls ‘dial a victim’: “Can you bring change for $100?” :roll:

I agree with the people urging caution.

I try and being strict with cash drops although we all know that certain drivers will just ignore the instruction when it suits them.

I haven’t had this situation as yet but would probably only do this for an existing customer wiht a fair few deliveries and only then send an experienced driver.

We often have orders that total $50-$60-$70. We are selling to people on vacation. We might have a driver coming back from a double or a triple with $200 on him or her. A $100 bill is not such an unsual thing.

Then again, I have never heard of a pizza driver being robbed here… never.

You’re lucky with the robbery but never say never - unfortunately! We’ve had a few minor incidents but they happened in the area you’d never expect and when caught the boys were from very good households!

We’re similar with drivers coming back with well over 100 in cash BUT I think that is a different scenario. A customer calling for an order isn’t going to know what orders the driver has just delivered and the cash they carry, whereas if they say they have a 100 bill to change then they know at least how much the driver is carrying.

I’m just ultra cautious with these things (I know some people think owners don’t give two hoots about employees but I for one really don’t want anything to happen to any of them). If it were a first time customer, cell phone, $100 bill to change I know I’d be doing something to make sure it wasn’t going to be a problem.

Oh yeah and buy some fake note detector pens as well - very cheap (buy them in bulk), very easy to use at the door step and pretty fool proof.