How do you handle driving records?

For over the past 15 years our insurance company has always run driving record checks for potential drivers. They informed us now they will not longer offer this service. So how do you guys find out if your potential driver doesn’t have a driving record 3 pages full of violations?

We just ask them for a dmv report. They go in pay $5.00 we reimburse if they are eligible to drive.

I have the driver get their initial record when we hire them. It costs them $6.00 here and takes about 5 min at DMV if you go at the right time.
For existing drivers I go to DMV and pull records on all my drivers periodically. Our state allows you to request them on line now but I have not tried that yet.


We run our own online at Insurance Information Exchange ( We run them before we hire someone and then we are supposed to run them every six months for our insurance company. The cost of them varies depending on what state you need, but they have them for all the states and you can run one 24 hours a day.

If we want to hire someone after the interview, we require them to go get their report ($4). We reimburse them for it. Any DUI, DUID, reckless, etc and no hire. More than two tickets in 3 years and no hire.

We have each person who might ever drive for any reason, provide a report once per year and we reimburse for that too. It does not hurt that the DMV office is about 4 blocks from us.

Your insurance company doesn’t require you to keep them up to date? Ours are only good for six months for our insurance company, and then I have to send them an updated MVR.

Some insurance policies are issued with terms that require to you do do certain things to keep your policy valid…If there is a “warranty” requiring you to submit paperwork within a certain time frame, and you do not, your insurance may not be valid at the time a claim is made…It is very important to make sure you are in compliance with any requirements that form part of your insurance policy…

PS…Quite often there is a “warranty” in a building insurance policy that requires you maintain an alarm system…If the alarm system is not maintained, your insurance is void…Warranties are not in every policy but if they are, you need to be on the ball…

Indiana has an online system set up to check public records. For an annual fee ($60 I think) you can open an account to check Indiana driving records. Each record search costs $7.50 and our non-owned insurance policy requires them to be checked every 3 months. Might want to surf to your online site and see if they offer something similar in your state!

For employees with out-of-state licenses, we have them fill out the proper forms for their state and pay the cost of obtaining the records through the mail.

Once per year is up to date for the MVR according to our insurance company. We update the personal insurance every six months since that is a typical policy period.