How Do You Handle No Show Customers On Delivery

Customer calls, requests delivery. Also requests a “call when you get there”. Driver gets there, calls, no answer. Driver leaves a message and waits 2-3 minutes. There’s no call back and customer is no where to be found. So the driver leaves and continues on with his route. Customer calls the store and says that they missed the call for whatever reason. What do you do? Do you deliver the same food out? Do you deliver new food? We have this issue a lot with collection agencies in the evening. There is no way for my driver to go in the building because all the doors are locked. Just looking for ideas, thanks.

Drivers are instructed to call customer if there is no answer. Then driver must call the store, and we call the customer from our main number (sometimes they pick up , otherwise we leave message to call for redelivery).

If you are having issues with a certain customer, we ask them if they would like us to shoot them a friendly text that we will be arriving shortly to be more efficient to everyone).

This works for schools , and for nursing homes In our area.

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You’re not supposed to ‘miss the call’ when you order food, you’re supposed to stand by your phone waiting for it to ring, if you want your food to be hot or if you even want it at all.

Whenever that happens if the driver is still out we deliver the same food to the customer because it’s on him if he doesnt answer his phone.

If too long goes by and the driver returns we chalk it up as a prank call/ghost customer and don’t take orders to that location/from that phone # anymore.

As a result we very rarely have this problem anymore.

It sounds like these customers are at work and can’t always answer right when the driver calls. For those buildings, I would have the driver call before routing/leaving with the order to arrange a set meeting time, “I’ll be in the circle drive out front at 6:20 p.m.” If they don’t answer, the delivery gets bumped into the next run. That way, the food is kept warm in the store and the drivers aren’t wasting a trip.

We used to have this issue with one of our customers. They would call for delivery and due to their location there was no cell service. I asked for an office # problem solved. We also have a few campgrounds around us that has not so good cell service. We call when we are on the way to save the driver time also we have the driver shoot the customer a text. If that doesn’t work we call the customer from the store if there is no answer the driver will then deliver their other deliveries and usually by then the customer will call looking for the order and we send them back the same food.

They ordered for delivery they should be standing by for it. It’s not your fault they aren’t available for it. People do the oddest things when they are waiting for delivery they think they have enough time to jump in the shower or even go to the grocery store…

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