how do you keep pizzas warm on delivery?

I used to use company who sold me an electric box that had room for 5 discs I would put in, they would get hot in around 8 minutes, and driver would take one (or 3) for each bag, return old one , it would get hot again in few minutes… it worked awesome! but this company no longer either exist or produces this product (mabe covertex), so I’m not sure what to do at my existing pizza shop . what works for you? just using a bag is not good enough for me.

how far do you deliver that a hot bag doesn’t cut it?or do deliver Neapolitan pizza? those cool off so fast.

Have you ever tested the temp of your food using those hot disks?

I did extensive testing due to a school order temp requirement and found that those disks really only affect the temp of the pizza sitting directly on it. Anything above that in the bags had little to no temp difference vs. no disk.

We did a study on insulated bags many, many years ago and we found that a single, 12-inch, cheese only, boxed pizza could be held for up to just under 30-minutes before dropping to 140F, when two boxed pizzas were placed into a double bag the time increased to approximately 45-minutes. Like I said, this was done a long time ago, bags have changed, and insulation in the bags has probably changed (hopefully for the better) but this should give you some idea of what might be expected in bag performance when it comes to keeping a delivery pizza hot. On a personal note, I don’t find the temperature of the pizza to be a major issue where quality is concerned, instead it is the softening and toughness of the crust that distinguishes a DELCO pizza from a dine-in pizza, this is the reason why I always encourage DELCO customers to place their pizza into a 400F oven for a few minutes when they get it home, it helps to dry out the pizza and refreshen the crust for a more enjoyable dining experience.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I do plan on making this myself but my friend worked for a catering company that had this plunger with a plastic hose on it (like the ones you find on a vacuum cleaner). And on the other end you could connect it to this bag, that can also open into a blanket. Long story short, you put the plunger against your car exhaust , connect the hose to the blanket, and then put the blanket over the item you were heating or cooling. It looked like it wasn’t initially suppose to be used that way, but it did its job.

At first I was concerned about bad engine particulates getting onto the food, but realized you still would need a delivery bag anyway, and we also are breathing in the same air. This won’t help you find a product, but I think finding something that uses heat that is already available in your car would be optimal. If I do figure it out I promise to post it