How do you keep your delivery pies hot

I am installing a Roto-Flex oven soon and will not have the top of my ovens to store pizza pizzas waiting to be picked up or delivered. Any suggestions?


There is a heated shelf that is thermostatically controlled that works well in this application. Install a couple heat lamps above the shelf and you would be good to go. To get information on the shelf, please feel free to P.M. me.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Yep, that’s what I use…a 6’ heated shelf from Hatco…actually bought it @ an auction for $10 bucks many, many years ago…

Check on eBay for one…

We use a crescor warming cabinet.

Hey Tom,

Thanks for the tip. I contacted the manufacturer and they no longer make that shelf. Any other suggestions?

Thank you

On eBay there are several new & used heated shelves, from Hatco to Vollrath…

Jolly Pizza;
That is too bad as it was a great shelf with a very unique application. It looks like the E-Bay route suggested by Patriot’s Pizza might be your next best option.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor