How do you know if you have what it takes?

Just curious what to look for in yourself to know that you can make this work.

Have to “really” want to do this and be determined. Too many people get into it because it looks like fun or because they make a good pizza. You have to really like the business.

From a motivational perspective:

Do a week of full day open to close then wake up on Monday morning knowing that you’re going to be doing the same all over again and again and again and not have a problems rolling out of bed and going to work with a smile on your face.

If you can do that your half way there. Its not the ideal situation for everyone but you’re going to need to do this for quite some time. Its much more different than ‘doing’ a job.

From a ‘success’ perspective - still be in business after 2 years without racking up extra debt and your probably doing ok - make some money and your one your way.

You can never know if you have what it takes until your in over your head.

Like all things, you must have passion not only to sustain the effort and stay in the game, but to lead and motivate others as well. Finding joy in the repetitiveness is important, as you do the same thing over and over again.

You must genuinely love people, both staff and customers, or you will fail. If you do not feed off interaction with others, you will be miserable. In a sense, you become an actor, who puts on the super apron and becomes a personality bigger than life, even if you’ve just left the house after a heated argument with your wife or some other personal matter.

Most people have no idea of their capabilities until they are stretched, and usually not by their own choosing.

Do you finish what you start? No matter how much you prepare, you can never anticipate everything, and this is where your character kicks in.

Only you know your own track record.

Being physically fit is essential as well, in my opinion.

awwwsome advice people,the passion has to be there,or its no where


When the hours you work exceed the dollars you make…
when you are constantly fighting your centre management over trash disposal, your share of marketing exposure and just getting a fair go…
When you go for a family function but have to leave after a couple of hours to open the shop leaving everyone there drinking and eating and generally having a great time…
when staff call in 1/2 hour before their start time and say they won’t be in…
when drivers stuff up a delivery and you have to placate the customer and then re-make the order…
when the cleaners don’t turn off the fire hose (that they use to wash down the walkway outside your shop) which is located in the cabinet butting your shop and water seeps in flooding the shop and knocking out your power… and happening 3 times in less than a year …
when your staff make more money a week than you do…
and to top it off … when your wife takes off in less than 2 weeks time for a 5 week trip around the USA and Canada with your daughter when you are stuck back in Australia tied to the shop.

Boy do you need passion to cope with this

And I wouldn’t swap it foer anything …

OH YEAH !!! :lol:


Can I add a few?
When you are the only one that knows how you want your restrooms, ktchen, dishes kept spotless, etc. and are prepared to do them everyday!
You know & understand your goals, the unknown, the risks, trials & tribulations, the obsession that comes with the passion…and DON’T give up!

EVERYDAY BRINGS SOMETHING NEW…It’s all how you handle it! I too, would not trade this for anything in the world!

How important are your friends and family? If you have a weekly poker game you “can’t miss”, or want to go out on dates with your wife… you aren’t ready. You’re about to have a new wife and she will require every minute of your time – and if you think your current wife can make your life rough if you don’t give her enough attention, this one will make her look like an angel.

Dates with your wife will be limited to her working in the kitchen with you, at least for the first few (several) months (years). If you have small children, the wife is going to need to bring them to come see daddy at work.

My imaginary pizza shop has a small room in the back with a TV and a twin sized bed. That is for me to sleep on when there’s a chance to do so (like 2-4pm when the delivery driver is running the place waiting for a delivery, and I get up to run the place while he’s out on delivery). Also, it’s a room where my two daughters can “hang out” after school until mom gets off work.

Fortunately for my family, I can’t afford the pay cut to open my own place.

needed to read this one today!! bad week- which can still make me or break me, unfortunately… any war stories? how long did it take you to actually be profitable? were you ever in a spot you dint think you could get out of? have you ever thought about quitting?

bad week- which can still make me or break me…U Can’t ever look at it as a bad anything…U need to get something positive from everything you do or comes your way. Remember, this is the challenge & gamble of your life if if were debt free B4 you began and went into hock to do it. If you look at it as a WAR, you had better have the mind set and faith that you will survive!.

how long did it take you to actually be profitable? Depends on what you consider profitable, what your goals are. It’s about sacrafice and what you can survive on. You want to be rich over night?..Sorry, Forget it.

were you ever in a spot you dint think you could get out of?..Never allow yourself to think this way. If anything, I think I’m absoultley out of my mind, and at times a dreamer…but,

have you ever thought about quitting? After all I have been through in the last year, along with the burn scars on my arms from the oven…Nope, not unless a padlock is put on the door & it won’t be by me!
Returning to the Corp world is not an option here.

Hang in there PM…Change your name to something more positive, get tough and get going, if you really want this!

If you are asking you are probably not ready.

That’s right, because you have to be half brain dead like most of us. :slight_smile:

Then you know what it takes.