How do you move a large pizza oven?

Well I just got a great deal on a double stack Blodgett 1000 series oven. Bad news is I have no idea how I am going to get it out of the restaurant it’s in and into my truck. I think the hardest part will be getting the top oven down from on top of the bottom one, and onto a dolly. If any of you have ANY advice, please let me know. Even a small tidbit might help.


We’ve moved a couple of ovens. We rent genie lifts. It takes 2 lifts, and a little maneuvering but we always get it done. Make sure you have a few extra hands to help out. The ovens are ridiculously heavy and I really have not figured out any other way to do it. Good luck. Oh and remember that you will probably need to take the hinges off the door…we usually forget that 'till we have the oven on the lift at the door :lol:

those ovens are not bad to move…take the stones out CAREFULLY!
once you remove those you should be able to throw upright one at a time (with a few guys) onto a dolly and wheel out the door

You might also call one of the local restaurant auction companies and ask if they have a transport company they recommend. It’s not as cheap as moving it yourself, but they have experience moving them and hopefully insurance if they break something (like a stone).

Go this way! They move 'em. If they drop 'em they buy you new ones.

Morning, Hope this helps, In my 30+ yrs, We have moved several ovens and every time I think Oh No this cant be done, Well yes it can someone put them there.
If you can afford it call the local movers, They will give you a quote. Of course as a young buck, I could move anything and could not afford to pay movers. Ok here goes,Bring pinch bars, 4x4’s and dollies. Remove anything you can( to lighten the load) As for the top oven get it loose turn it sideways and simply slide it over the front of bottom oven, bring one side down and rest on 4x4, the stand it upright on its side, sliding dolly under it. The bottom oven remove one side legs rest on 4x4, upright on side remove other legs.
I know it sounds really hard but 4 guys and some thought goes a long way. I would find a snowmobile type trailer as they are much closer to the ground. If you use your pick up, Remove your tailgate trust me and good luck

I bought a shop crane (aka engine hoist) from Sam’s Club for about $175. I have moved numerous ovens, 80 and 60 Qt. mixers, etc. I usually do it completely by myself but then again I’m a strapping young lad.

If you’re near Ohio I’ll loan you mine.

I used a local towing agency with a flat bed wrecker. The oven was on wheels. He pulled it right on to the roll-back, and moved it to my back door for $60 bucks!

Does anyone know how to remove the stones from an old BARI Double-Stack Pizza Oven? Need to move them and thought it would be easier to remove the stone first, as this post indicates.

We used the Genie Lift system/
George Mills

I have moved my stack of Blodgett 1000 deck ovens 4 times. Use pry bars to lift one stone and slide it onto the other and then remove. If the stones are notched (originals) lift the the one out first that is notched on the bottom where the stones meet. Once one stone is out ( there are 2 stones per deck) the second one comes out real easy. This is a 1-2 person job. Then we use 4 strong backs to lift the top oven and place it on a pallet jack or very strong flatbed. Remove the metal frame from the bottom oven top (spacer between the 2 ovens) and the vent cover on the top oven and the flue that connects the top and bottom oven exhaust vents. Often we had to take them out sideways to get through the door and then onto a truck with a lift gate. Be sure to secure the top and bottom oven doors before moving. It is a heavy job and if you can hire it out more the better as we did on our recent move here to Reno. At 60 the old back doesn’t like lifting deck ovens anymore :slight_smile: walter

would love to find a company in my are to move it so i dont have to worry about it

Can anyone help me find a company to move 4 bakers pride y600 pizza ovens from my old location to the new one

Many restaurant equipment service companies can do that, call around.

George Mills

Look up rigging. That is the name of companies that move unusual items like pianos, factory machinery, large kitchen equip. etc.