How do you package your slices?

Paper plate? Single slice holder? Pizza slice clamshell box? Is it better to have the slices pre-packaged in the warmer or have the whole pizza and the customer select what slice they want?

2 slices go in 10" clay box. Tried the paper plate slid into paper bag way but it really ackward trying to hand a customer mulitiple slice orders

Whole pizzas in warmer on metal pizza tray. Served on paper plate. If they want a bunch of slices to go we just use a pizza box.

We wrap each slice up ahead of time in a square of aluminum foil and 12" x 12" sheet of wax paper. Hold on hot plate for grab-and-go service. Place slices into different sized paper bags as they are ordered.

Works well for us because our pizza crust is a “soft” style, not so good if you’re looking to keep the crust crispy.