How do you package your wings?

Looking at some different options for packaging our wings. Now we use a plastic clamshell for small orders and a pizza box with foil for larger (15+) orders. The problem with the clamshells is they will hold the steam in to the wings, making them soggy. The pizza boxes with foil are 2-3x as expensive as the plastic clamshell. What (cost-effective) options do you use for the most expensive item that you sell…chicken wings.

Have you tried chicken boxes? I saw them at restaurant depot. You know those white boxes that you fold into shape. Or maybe clay box with foil.

I use a stryofoam that i vent myself by cutting off two corners with a knife i line it with a foil sheet.
Wings arent our specialty, tenders are.
I never understood the love affair on this forum for wings. Theyre expensive. Theyre labor intensive. In my area it seems only men buy them

We have sold wings since the early 90’s and I have tried every imaginable method of packaging these things. 3 years ago I decided on the pizza box with the foil liner. Yes it is the most expensive but it works. It has:

  1. Best presentation. Logo on the box ( if you have custom boxes )
  2. Best quality for delivery. Box allows the wings to steam a prevent the soggy.
  3. Easiest for the drivers to deliver. Slips in the bag just like another pizza. You can stack another order on top of an order with wings if needed.
  4. Customers think the boxes are “cute” Take pictures of them and post them on the internet.

10x9x3 foam clamshell box for orders up to 20 pieces, the 50 piece gets a foil halfpan covered with foil.

Soggy? Are you using a breaded wing? IF so, I’ve never done a breaded wing, so our results may vary from yours
We do ours with no breading, crip skin right out of the fryer, so I am not seeing any loss of quality with packaging

We use the 7" round aluminum pans and cut a whole in the lid for ventilation. Havent received any complaints as of yet for soggy wings.

This was the way we did it for several years. It works very well and is the least expensive. We didn’t do the hole cutting though.

When it comes to wings least expensive is what I’m looking for the things are so expensive. We get the la nova roasted chicken wing and apply flavor to it so there is no coating to the wing and I think this helps a lot too.

I noticed that a foil bag that’s vented works best with plain wings (chinese food style) My theory is once you toss them in sauce there is no way to keep them crisp.

We sell oven baked boneless “wings”. We package them in a 9x9 clam shell on a printed deli paper type sheet. We used to use vented clamshells but I switched to the environmentally friendly clamshells and they don’t have a vent option. They have held up well with no complaints. Those that buy them buy a lot of them.

What size box are you using for a dozen wings? And just foil box liner and not wrapping them up or anything right?

We use a 10.75 by 9.75 foil pop up placed in a 9inch box. We are switching out to an 8 inch next month. We sell ours by the 10

They are oven baked wings, not fried. Not breaded either. Not super soggy, but the moisture that gets trapped in the plastic container makes them a little soggy. I am going to do some testing of multiple packaging options, keeping in mind some of what you guys are doing here. I really like the look of that checkered wax paper, who do you get that from?

I found it at Restaurant Depot. They also have blue, black and green I believe.

We use Pierce roasted wings. We store them in the subzero cooler, they have to run through the oven twice in our deep dish pans. We then put orders of ten in a 9 by 6 by 3 foam container, orders of 20 go in a 9 by 9 by 3 foam container with pop up foil underneath. Ive never had a complaint for soggy wings. I think the last time I checked the cost of the containers was @ 10 cents. I would never use a pizza box for wings. Thats just my humble opinion

I felt the same way until I tried it. It’s basically the same concept as a clamshell, just much stronger which was what we needed for delivery. Only 15% of our deliveries are singles. The other 85% are doubles and sometimes triples. The boxes allow us to stack the orders up on top of each other so the drivers can jet out the door. We use the clear clamshells for salads and they are an issue for delivery. That’s my next project. Develop a good salad delivery system.

We’ve used the aluminum rectangular tins for years…no lid, just put them in a pizza box, with the celery in deli wrap on the side…fits in a 10" box great…20/40 wings in bigger boxes…easy to slide into the delivery bag…

I use 9x9 Styrofoam and self vent with 2-4 holes in top. Cost is about 8 cents each and can hold 6 Whole wings. Wing boxes are available but are pricy and bulky for delivering. I’d stop using the plastic asap tho.

I’m getting a case of 8 inch boxes tomorrow to try them out with foil. I’m currently using the same Biopak #3 containers I use for salads and they’re a similar price to pizza boxes but no steam vents. Biopacks are great for salads. My wings are good as is, but improvement is always desired. I pay $3.19 per pound for good quality cooked/sauced wings. What are you guys paying?

Every time I send a salad clamshell out on top of a pizza box, I think of this Family Guy bit.
If you ever come up with an idea, please share!

Does anyone on here sell Whole Wings (3piece) or just wing dings?
We carry both. Use 9x9 Styrofoam for 6 Whole and 6x9 Styrofoam for 10 WingDings