How do you pay out driver mileage? Cash or on Paycheck?

Do they go home with the cash daily or do you tally it up and reimburse them via their paycheck?

Settle in cash daily. Although I have considered paying via paycheck but after talking with my drivers they like leaving nightly with cash and I want to keep em happy.

We also settle with cash daily, but those days are numbered. We don’t have much cash in the till most nights and the percentage of credit card sales is only going to increase.

Our drivers like having cash in their pocket each night and I like having less cash to count and deposit so we will do it this way for as long as we can, but I’m sure we will have to go the paycheck route at some point in the near future.

I pay cash at the end of night also for the same reasons as stated above.

We do cash at the end of the night for the same reason as other above. Mostly the drivers like leaving with cash at the end of their shift.

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Cash out at the end of the night