how do you pay the "doorhager" people

I just got 30k doorhangers and posted an ad on Craigs list. within couple days I got 10 emails from people interested to do it (hardly any kids, mostly female adult) and most of them are interested in just plain CASH.
I’m just wondering how do you pay these people? Do you do all cash?
If yes how do you handle it in the business? do you just take cash from the drawer? or you write them a business check?
and do you consider it advertising expense or labor expense?
Did any of you actually hire these people as legitimate labor?
Sorry for too many questions but I think this is a good place for me to find out.

I have hired doorhangers as legitimate labor in the past. My best one, and for some reason I have not tried to replicate this since, was I paid someone min wage and then offered a 5% commission on every order from a doorhanger he hung. It worked out great for both of us.

We put them on the payroll, pay them minimum wage and supervise them when they do hang.

The last part is the most important out of the the three. IMO it doesn’t matter how you pay them or what you pay them, it’s that you ensure you get what you’re paying for. If you send people out to doorhang without a trusted, dependable employee or manager the doorhangers will NOT end up where they are supposed to.

I don’t know if you’ve doorhung before but it’s a rather dangerous job. People that doorhang will trip, fall, get bit by a dog, twist their ankles, slip and anything else you can imagine. If one of your doorhanger employees get hurt, I’m not sure if how they’re paid will come into play. Maybe someone else can help out with that part. I’m wondering if you can get in trouble if they hurt themselves when their doorhanging and they’re off the books.

We have a store employee that doorhangs and gets paid their hourly wage for whenever they do it.

It’s typically a driver who wants more hours but labor numbers says ‘no’ to a whole shift, so they doorhang.

I have a driver do it between 2 - 4 every day.

Just pay one of your drivers or some kids in the neighborhood.And yes if you have to just give them cash so big deal!Most impotantly get those darn hangers hung!You can get out there yourself and do it.Also it is a great exercise and a way to meet new potential customers.


Find a driver to do it. Give him a cell phone if he doesn’t have one and call him if a delivery order comes in. The better he doorhangs, the quicker he gets to go on a delivery :). You need to define the area to doorhang, get street names that were completed and drive by yourself and make sure it was done.

we get request from cub scouts and boy scouts and dozens of sports teams, we like to work out days where they help us distribute

our driver during the slow period 2-4 will do it for his regular rate…way we look at it is it’s good for both of us…
we have nextel phones so I will page him when an order comes in to be here in time…work well

Not sure if this would work. But I use to work at a place in the weekends as a paintball referee and they paid me cash, but I was listed as a contractor. So maybe if you did that and had them sign a legal form stating they are a contractor and liable for thier own taxes, insurance, and accidents. That way you don’t have to worry about figuring that stuff out.

However, like someone else posted you would have to check on them and make sure they are doing thier job of doorhanging, or you could pay them a decent commision rate on sales based on the doorhangers. That way you put the accountability of getting the job done and getting paid on them (and you could dtill possibly pay them as a contractor).

Right now I’m not currently door hanging because I’m in upstate, NY and it’s still freezing cold and there’s snow on the ground. As the weather warms up I will be starting to doorhang again. I have my employees do them. I always have a few employees who want more hours so I schedule them to come in 2 hours early and doorhang. They get paid their regular hourly rate.

To avoid having them throw the doorhangers in a dumpster instead of putting them on the doors, I give them an incentive. My doorhangers have 3 coupons on them and for every coupon I get back, the employee gets $1. As a result, my employees know that the more door hangers they do, the more money they will make.

My most aggressive coupon offer costs me about $1. So at most with the $1 incentive added to the it costs me $2 total to get a new customer into the door. In my opinion that’s a small price to pay. Also when you include the labor it figures out to be only around 4 cents a doorhanger.