How do you price your pizzas?

I have been looking over the books tonight and a question wedged its way into this pea sized brain of mine.

When you price you pizzas for you menu do you group pizzas with similar food costs under one price or do you price them according to the food cost for individual pizzas?

For example I have 4 traditional pizzas at one price, 3 gourmet pizzas at a higher price and 4 premium pizzas at an even higher price. If I were to set the prices so food costs were at a consistent level each group may have a $2 variance within the group. This means on some pizzas the food cost is at a better point than others.

If I set the prices for each individual pizza I would have a better food cost average but would it be confusing to the customer?

Maybe I have just been looking at the books too long.

I don’t find our customers are confused.

We price by topping count. We have some toppings that are considered double or even triple price toppings. (for example, chicken breast is a double price topping and elk or wild boar sausage are triple price) After taking into account single, double, triple price toppings, all pizzas with the same topping count are the same price.

Same as Bodega, only difference is toppings, some are more expensive (although not 3x) and are promoted as premium.

My impession is formulated as a customer (since it’s my son thats in the business), and I determine my preference by the pie description…not the price. So if several pies are grouped together in one price grouping, that group price is not really of interest to me. Of course, if your price for a pie that I think would be good sounds too high, I’ll simply chose a different pie…but in either case, I would quite probably still make a purchase.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that it seems to me that you should price according to a desired margin formula istead of trying to group several pies into a price group. I’m not confused by a zillion different prices for a zillion different offerings. Just make my mouth water with your description and I’m sold…of course the taste is still what’s gonna bring me back.

PS: I’m not rich, but the range of pizza prices is something that is in my comfort range, i.e. I’m not gonna show up at your place if I have to worry that something on your menu won’t conform to both my taste and my wallet.