How do you quickly see where your deliveries are at?

Suppose you are doing three deliveries in one run, or deciding whether you should only do two, and come back for the third, or any other decisions like that which you might have to make. How do you get a quick idea where your deliveries are at (distance from the shop) and how long it will take for you to get to each so that you can decide which order to do the deliveries in or how many to take?

I suppose most shops have a map on the wall…I have also seen some places in the past had the map magnetized so they could put flags for each delivery on the map…Then they can dispatch them as needed in an efficient order…

At the end of the day most shops just make it up as they go based on the circumstances of the moment…I doubt you would dispatch 3 orders with a very large order at the end of the run…You would probably send the big order on it’s own…Some shops try to be so efficient with their delivery runs that their customers suffer…

I was thinking that drivers probably use something like Wayz or Google maps these days, but I don’t know.

Depends on the drivers to be honest.

I have some old school drivers who just use the map in the office and know the streets well enough.

Newer drivers tend to use either a stand alone GPS or Mapping software on their phones.

And then there are the worst drivers, they just leave thinking they know where they are going and end up getting lost… constantly (usually quit or are fired in short order).

I would say the trend is tipping toward GPS with turn by turn instructions either on a phone or stand alone unit. I always make sure my drivers have an old fashioned paper map just in case. Because Google maps or GPS may not always have a street listed, and … sometimes the batteries die on the device and then they fall into category 3 without that paper map.

Yes, the trend is definitely tipping towards GPS of some sort which I think saves time unless you have an experienced driver, which many do not, considering turnover.

Paper map is great detail to note. It’s always a fail safe, although if they use a phone, it should be chargeable via the car. But if there is no cell coverage, then the map is all you got.

I think turn by turn is really important because you don’t want the drivers to keep referencing a map or screen directions on a phone while driving and get in an accident.