How do you replace prep table door gaskets?

any help would be appreciated…thanks

Gosh I would love a good response on this one… Wanted to do it years ago and found it would give me about $300 off a new maketable if I just pitched it. Ridiculous I know but the health dept said we needed them replaced and couldn’t find anything under 300… Got a new maketable instead.

I call my repair guy and pay him about $25 plus gasket to install it. OR I could pull out the phillips head screwdriver and pull all the screws and replace it myself. Knowing the part number or the model and make of the cooler is important in knowing the gasket to get.

I personally use at to get my replacement stuff when I can. They seem cheapest on all the stuff I’ve needed so far. They’re good customer service people, and located in Smyrna, Georgia. Saves me on shipping!

Being that I have done this, I highly recommend that you get someone to do it if you can afford it.

PM me if you need details.

Darn skippy! It is not an easy job, but you could struggle through if you have to. Get a good realtionship with a cooler guy to maintain your boxes, and he’ll do right by you installing the things. they’ll have lots more experience.

I agree. I’m a believer in getting the right person for the job. If you are handy, this job is not that challenging. The problem is, you can line up the seal wrong and break it by trying to pull it back out.

You could always throw a bone to the pepsi/coke equipment people when they are in your shop doing maintenance on the coolers…hhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Are you soda coolers in need of a “check up”?