How do you sell Boneless wings per pound?

Since I started my Boneless Wings, I’ve sold them like my regular wings… 6 and 12 pieces.
But because the boneless area so irregular in size (some the size of the tip of your pinky finger, others the size of your palm)… it’s difficult to give 6 “regular” pieces.

So, I want to sell them by weight. I was thinking 1/4lb and 1/2lb

But when I put them on the Menu as 1/4lb for $ and 1/2lb for $ A. know one knows how much that actually is, and B. no one likes the idea of selling it by #

So, instead of Sm. Med. Lg. or 1/4# and 1/2#… what else could I do?

Just a stab in the dark here but are they La nova boneless wings?

We had the same problem and went to regular and large orders for that exact reason…

Sounds like you are kind of stuck with S M L, or you could call your biggest an “order” and then sell a “half order” as well. Good luck!

someone please explain what the difference is between boneless wings and chicken strips. thanks

No, not LaNova Boneless… but from all the boneless i’ve tested that are actually GOOD, they all seem to be “multi-sized”.

Napoli, usually a chicken strip is processed or cut long to look like an actual strip… a Boneless wing is just a whole-meat ball of chicken. thats it.

We sell it as a 1/2 pound order & tell people who ask that it’s normally 8 - 10 pieces.