How do you sharpen your pizza cutters?

I’m going through them rather quickly (have been buying a cheaper quality…so it’s expected) but am thinking of going with a much more expensive wheel cutter.

When they dull how do you sharpen them?

Generally, you don’t need to sharpen wheel cutters. They last for years.

I have to replace mine about every 6 months. I have tried sharpening and find its easier to just replace them.

wow going on two years now and they still cut great

Pick up one of these:

I just got minethrough Amazonand it is the best pizza cutter I have ever used.

We have never sharpened a cutting wheel. When they get dull, which isn’t very ofter we just replace the cutting blade. We get ours from American Metalcraft part # PPC4 with the replacement blade # PCW4. The cutters are $8.00 and the replacement blades are $4.60. Rocker knkves are another story as they must be sharpened from time to time, but just a couple passes with a hand held,draw type knife sharpener keeps them cutting great. The same holds true for the “Equalizer” form Lloyd Pans, infact, they give you a sharpener with each Equalizer they sell. Something to ponder; Why are your pizza wheels getting dullede so quickly? Consider what you are cutting your pizzas on. If you are cutting on a metal table top, this might explain it, if so, consider purchasing a cutting mat or cutting board, these are a lot kinder to your cutters than bare steel.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Ours get dinged up in the ware washer. It kills me to see them thrown in the dish rack, and mishandled . . . I correct it when I can. We get a couple years out of a wheel before it gets to needing replacement. We buy $5-$6 wheels, so it doesn’t hurt so badly. I know they are mistreated, so I don’t buy higher end one.

We hone our rocker with a knife steel periodically. I don’t think there is enough material there to sharpen one very often at the knife shop. They grind down material to create a new edge . . . honing just straightens out the leading edge that curls over with use.

We’ve found that ours do get dull. They start to ‘push’ toppings around rather than cut through them. I just use a 4" sharpening stone. I go around the wheel a couple times and wash it up really good. It makes a huge difference.