How do you...

How do you keep increasing your Online Orders?

One of our locations has been in business now for almost 7 years (the original location). We started Online Ordering with eThor 3 years ago but switched to Brygid after the first year (much much happier with them by the way). Our online sales at that store go between 10% and 20%. No one else in the area has an Online Ordering system that’s worth a damn except for Pizza Hut and Domino’s but both are pretty much far enough out of our area that they aren’t competition. We’ve got an eye on a third location in the same area to try to completely lock that market down even more, so startup may involve stealing employees from store 1. An online ordering uptick would certainly help that.

Now our second location has been open for a year and half and our online sales range between 20% and 30% but direct competitors are Papa John’s, Domino’s and Pizza Hut. There a bunch of independents around but they all seem to use LetsGet.Net or Eat24.

I’d like to get the online sales in the 30%-50% range for both locations but I can’t seem to get that bump going.

Do you run Online Only specials? If so, do you get any backlash from customers who maybe aren’t computer literate? If so, how do you handle those customers? The whole point of running a great special online only is to get them ordering online and taking stress off the kitchen, while also creating more add on sales.

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I’ve had online ordering for 9 years now. I can’t get it higher then 20%. Some people just won’t use a smartphone or a pc to order from you.

I think for most it’s easier to press 1 button to call and place an order then loading up a pc or going through a menu on a smartphone.

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We have flattened out at 25% for about 2 years now. I guess just do what Dominos did.

Run marketing that says your phone service is so bad you’ll gonna want to order online.

Hey Steve,

It can take a while. 10-20% is not bad, but you’re right that some shops are doing 50-60%+ of sales online—and I believe they’re winning customers away from competitors who either don’t have an online ordering site, have a poor one, or don’t do enough to promote it. In some cities, GrubHub, Seamless, etc., are taking a bite too. It’s definitely worth the effort to win more of that business.

Your website looks good, but one small thing that might have an impact:

If I choose the red Start Order Now button on the home page, the Order Online buttons on the location selection page are below the fold. I tried clicking on the map, then on the store name – and neither worked. Some people might stop there and call the store (or flip to a competitor’s site) rather than scrolling down. See if you can make the map and store name clickable, or move the Order button up on the page.

Promote it on your menus, ads, social media profiles, and in the store.

If you aren’t already, try box-topping call-in orders with a Try Us Online introductory offer. Consider a magnet. Or mail customers who haven’t ordered in a while with an incentive to try you online.

You might also try non-deal boxtoppers or signage that show the value in other ways:

Never wait on hold again! Order fast at
Creature of habit? Recall your favorite order in seconds at
Ordering for a crowd is EASY with a Group Order at

Promote it in your hold messages. Have staff recommend it at the end of every phone order. Test AdWords and Facebook to push mobile orders.

And if you don’t have a VIP club, consider starting one to build order frequency online.

Jennifer (@SpeedLine)

My online ordering percentages are pretty lackluster also. Definitely not 50%. I honestly don’t think we would ever hit 50% with our clientele being the type to pick up the phone and try calling first. But that time will eventually change.

Wonder if these will ever catch on for pizza orders…

These guys were at Pizza Expo last year. The idea is okay but the cost was a little over what I thought was warranted.

Thanks for the suggestions Jennifer. I’ll try to get in touch with Ben from Brygid and see if he can narrow down why this is happening

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