How far do you deliver?

I did multiple dry runs to see how far 10 minutes would take me from my shop. I went north, south east and west and to my suprise, I could get twice as far going north in 10 minutes than sout and east.

Do you draw a line within miles or do you look at distance driving? If distance, how many minutes would be your max to get food to the customer?


I can’t speak as an owner but from the standpoint of a driver… and this was a long long time ago… well my senior year of HS my family relocated to a small Iowa town… and I delivered pizzas for about 6 months. The town was on the East side of a large reservoir and we delivered to all the little sub-divisions around it. Yes gas was .89 cents a gallon and my little Shelby CSX… aka a tricked out Dodge Shadow… did get around 27-30 mpgs… but the longest I would run was over 30 miles round trip. Just to pi$$ off all the drivers that complain about wages… I averaged about $4 in tips per run, made minimum…which was $3.65 if I remember right and got $2 a run from the shop. I know I am rambling a little here… but the point is, to help answer your question, I think you deliver as far as you need too. I know expenses are a lot higher these days… and free delivery has to be out of the question if you are going the distance… but the bottom line is that every shop has a different situation and that has to be considered in making a boundry. Are there 10 pizza delivery shops within your 5 mile radius. Is it worth while to deliver out 8 miles when you lose money every run? Probably not but what do you do if you are the only pizza shop that will? Will the customers pay for the service if they are way out there. I think, depending on your specific factors, I would say that I would be a fan of the delivery charges like Dave down in Australia uses. He charges $XX for the 3 mile radius, then a higher fee for 4-7 miles and then even more if you are way out there. I might be off on the miles…but you get the point. You are in this to sell pizzas but not at the expense of delivery. I am sure I will get some responses about this…and again… this is just one of many opinions. Good luck whichever way you choose. :slight_smile:

We deliver approximately 3 miles out – farther for big tickets placed ahead of time. The three mile radius is programmed into our POS so if an address does not come up, we do not deliver there.

Just just need to determine a reasonable radius and over time you will learn how to adjust. Some areas we will make runs to if the conditions are right, but not normally.

We are in a pretty small town so it is pretty easy: we deliver in town and a few specific areas outside of town. Time, not distance, is the determining factor. For the most part about 5-6 minutes driving time in good driving conditions will get you anywhere we go.

We have always used time rather than distance. Some directions we go 3 miles out and the other we go 6.

we have a 8 mile range, sometime we go 10 if its a big order.

Last week we had a 400 dollar 30 pizza order and we went 30 miles. I charged them 30 for delivery but we did it. Even delivered it at midnight

They were happy and i was happy

we usually deliver around 5 to 5.5 miles out… there is a few surround towns that are in that range so we get business from those… of course if the order is big enough we can go further… but we like to keep it around there to provide fastest delivery…