how far is to far ??

was wondering how far is to far to deliver i am looking at opening a 2nd location about the first of the year the town i’m looking at is about 10k in the zip code but there are 3 smaller towns of about 2-3k within 10 miles

do any of guys deliver that far and how much should i charge 2,3,5


the fat boy :lol:

I put the limit at 8 minutes, not by distance. 10 miles in town and 10 miles on a country road with no stop signs or lights is completely different as well. One big thing to consider is that you will be busy from that area at first, but over time you might come to regret that twice nightly trek to the far reaches of your deli area, as your nearer customers delivery times might suffer if you have all your drivers tied up in long trips.

I do take deliveries just about anywhere if they call in advance and order over $50 of food though. If you can tie in some catering with the new delivery area, then it might be much more cost effective.

I’m in a small town of about 5K, so we deliver to the surrounding towns for a higher price. the furthest is about 7 miles. We charge $5 for that far, $2 here, and a sliding scale in between. Now that we are established though, it takes an extra driver to handle the out -of- towners. That’s one thing a person really needs to consider. Sometimes it’s a pain to juggle the long deliveries, but I would cause a riot if I quit delivering to the loyal out -of- towners. If I were to do it again, I would have started out delivering only local, and if I needed more business, I would market the outlying area with a special “Trial-Period” for deliveries, let the customers know that I am hoping to feasibly deliver to that area. That way if it doesn’t pencil out, no harm, no foul.
Tom R

I think it would depend on how much business you’re getting from the outer lying towns. If you have enough drivers on your staff, you could probably have 3 or 4 working the city limits and another working only the outlying areas, that way it would keep both separate and both areas would be delivered to in a reasonable amount of time. For anything over 10 minutes away, it would be smart to tack on a 2 or 3 dollar delivery fee. It’s worth it to someone that’s a good distance away to pay a few dollars extra not to have to leave their house.