How has business been in 2008 for you?

Business for us is down compared to the last three winters. We are attempting adding delivery service beginning March 10th. We are hopeful that it will be a huge success. Thanks to all of you who have given words of advice.

How has your year been so far?

January was down, February back up = good month

Business in general is up for us. Pretty up to be sure. March and April tend to be our top months so far.

January 2008 - 2nd highest Jan
February 2008 - top gross sales month ever!! (That extra Friday sure helped)
Had a top gross sales week ever . . . in February 2008

2008 also showed us
1st highest Tues ever last week
2nd highest Thurs ever
Top gross Friday sales ever (TODAY!!)
2nd and 3rd highest gross lunch sales shifts (Friday only for lunch)

So, we have big plans to continue our marketing shove. We have been more assertive in getting our face and word out to people, and it is paying off so far . . . we just have to keep the momentum moving. Actually, We re-opened June 1 after 7 month lay-off relocating. After that, we had top months in 2007 for August, September, October and November. So we are seeing a move in the good direction since August with a hiccup in December because we closed for a week vacation.

I cannot wait to see what a $20K month feels like . . . or a $2000 night!

March has 5 Saturdays . . . May has 5 Thursdays, Fridays AND Saturdays, so we should all hit big sales totals for that calendar month! I might hit that goal if we work hard marketing that month.