how high for hood

finaly got all my stuff together for my exhaust hood what i need to know is how high max i can put it above the top of my ovens and still be effective i am using lincoln double stack with the stand there about 5 feet 11 inches tall would like to put hood about 12 to 14 inches above that the hood i got is a monster 76" long 48" deep 25" tall so it will cover all the oven including conveyors hope this does the trick were burning up two wall a/c units three large fans its 95 degrees outside with about 80 percent humidty able to keep the barn at 90 degrees inside have a jerry riged hood right now it works just not very well :oops:

  Hello Pizza,you have the same hood as myself except mine is 80''wide and I also have Lincolns double stacked.The bottom of my hood is @6'leaving not much space in between but this captures all of the heat.Just be ready for even more noise.


The code for that type hood calls for it to be from 6 Ft / 6 In. to 7 Ft. above the floor.

George Mills

codes we dont have no stikin codes up here 8) but thats where i want to put it any ways thanks george

well got the numbers for past few days !!! 90 degrees outside high humidty hood working great a/c units hummin along never got above 80 in shop im happy girls are happy electric co. is happy the girls said they will even quit calling the pizza barn the shake n bake shack :smiley: gonna insulate the ceiling real good this winter. next summer should be a breeze