How important is AUTHENTIC Italian?

Hey guys and gals,

Is one or more of your products known for being “the real deal” like how it’s made in Italy? Please let me know how Italian-ness is faring in the States by answering this poll.

Here in the Netherlands it’s gone really far! Some pizzerias hire Italians only to prove their authenticity. Don’t think that would fly with American labor laws (or Canadian ones for that matter). :oops:

Being a DELCO operation the authentic Italian style doesn’t travel as well as my style. I focus on quality and flavor. Sourcing local ingredients seems to be more important to my customers.

Located in Asia, My pizza is known for being the “real deal American pizza.” Customers often say “it’s like Dominoes but so much better!” I’ve learned to take that as a compliment. Having a foreign cook/owner helps a lot for authenticity even though I am not nor have I ever claimed to be even a little bit Italian.