How is EDDM worth it? i must be missing something

Ok i hear such great things about EDDM being so cheap and great however its only about .03 cents per home cheaper based on the numbers i get.

I talked to my printer and its .052 cents each for printing 20k postcards so thats $1040 its $125 bucks for them to bundle them into bundles of what ever i want, prolly 200 a bundle. Then the shipping on 20k post cards is 300 bucks to get them to my house. Plus the .145 postage from the post office and then my time on top of that it just does not seem to be saving that much money. then you have the 2500 per day limit at the post office so now i have 8 trips to the post office to get all my mailers out

Total costs that i get are .

$ 1040 For print
$ 125 For bundling
$ 300 For shipping
$ 2900 For postage

Total $ 4365/20000 postcards = .218 cents each. I can mail out 20,000 post cards from a full service print shop for .24 cents each and do nothing but tell them where i want to send the post cards

I am seeing some people on here saying that EDDM costs them .18 cents total with print and postage. I just dont see what im doing wrong and why its so much more money for me

I guess i could save 125 bucks by doing the bundles my self

The shipping is also costing you. Add that to the $125 and you are at a little over 2 cents each of the 3 cents you are looking for.

We are looking at doing 10,000 menus as a self mailer. Our menu is 9 X 14, 2 sides, 3 colors and it looks like we can print and mail them for 37 cents each. As you describe, I just tell the full service shop what I want done and write the checks. They will break it up into several mailings at no extra charge.

I don’t think you are missing a thing. EDDM is a small savings.

So it sounds like the EDDM is for people that are really really trying to save money on mailers cause its not worth my time to sit there and count and sort and goto the post office 8 times and deal with all that to save a few hundred bucks when i already get a good deal on mailers as is. Since im paying .24-25 cents right now on mailers its just not really worth it

now if i was paying .29 cents like most people would understand

There are size restrictions…make sure you are paying the same print cost vs the size…

All of mine are magnet mailers too, so I’ve not found a more economical method to get a 6.25 x 11 card in the home…'bout 24¢/home

i guess i was just reading about EDDM costing like .18 cents home after print and postage

that does not seem to be the case

I don’t think the postage is much different than bulk mail, if at all…

What I find appealing is that I can control where it goes & when it hits…bulk mail is just that & chances are it hits the Thursday grocery mix…

I want my piece to stand out more so than in the big junk pile…many of those end up directly in the trash w/o a majority even reviewing the offerings…if it hits on other days it might be noticed…before being dumped…

Also, and no offense to Josh & his crew, I got my 1st mailer out in 5 days, vs 3 weeks…with a magnet…

The postage is exactly the same price as saturation bulk mail - 14.2 cents each. What gets printed and how much it costs is up to the mailer. It could be the 18 cents total mentioned above if you can get them printed for 3.8 cents each. Considering they have to be “flat” size, 3.8 cents probably isn’t likely.

There are three main advantages to EDDM for a self mailer:

  1. You don’t need a permit

  2. You can use “simplified addressing” on city routes, something that is impossible to do if mailing with a permit. Simplified addressing just means they’re generically addressed to “resident”. If you mail to a city route with a permit they need to be addressed, sorted in walk-sequence order, and be CASS certified.

  3. You can get the maximum discount (getting you to the 14.2 cents) by entering the mail at the destination facility instead of the District Sorting Facility. This is required with EDDM, so it could really be a disadvantage if you have gnarly retail lines at your post office or if you mail to several zip codes. I would have to go to 5 different post offices to cover my delivery zone.

I do my own mailings, but I have chosen to continue using my permit to mail to rural routes and a local mail house to mail to city routes instead of using EDDM mainly because I like mailing 4.5x5.5 post cards and those are not large enough to qualify for EDDM.

Other than the simplified addressing on EDDM, there’s no price savings achieved that you couldn’t get before by plunking down $175 for an annual permit. If you weren’t already doing your own bulk mail then there probably isn’t much about EDDM to get excited about.