How is Everyone Doing Their Thin Crust?

Currently we just take a smaller size dough ball (i.e. med ball for large thin crust), stretch it out over the screen and trim the excess off. This is how the previous place did it and we just carried on the tradition. Our normal crust is thick and we do not even advertise us having thin crust.

I would like to introduce a “real” thin crust by using a high protein flour (All Trumps) and making appropriate size balls that do not have to be trimmed. We would hand toss as normal.

Currently we have four sizes – 10, 12, 14 and 16" – and would be looking at dropping the 12 and adding the thin crust in the 14 and 16" sizes only. Our 14 thin crust dough ball is only 2 oz lighter than our 12" think crust so maybe we “could” just keep all the sizes in thick crust.

The reason I want to do this is because it is very labor intensive making the thin crusts now. When we are busy it really slows things down on the line. Thin crust is becoming more and more popular so we want to have the option available. Trimming dough is inconsistent and I really like the product better with the higher protein flour.

Maybe there’s a better solution to what I have come up with so I wanted to see what others are doing for different type pies.