how is posiflex

There is a local guy selling a used posiflex with two touch screens three printers and a cash drawer for $1500. Are they any good?

Just to give more info, the unit is the tp7000. From what I can find online its about 6 years old.

Never heard of it. I Goggled it, it certainly looks credible. But, I would not consider buying a 6 year old POS from anyone (also doubtful that the license is transferable). Simply put, that is pretty close to the useful life of a system. You would be better off either stepping up and paying for a new full featured system or going with a good PC, buying touch screens and printers and one of the bargain POS systems if you need to do it on the cheap.

I think you are right, thanks.

I have not personally ever seen or used Posiflex POS software, however I use Posiflex hardware and I love it. You can pick up a TP6000/TP5800 terminal on ebay for around 400 with plenty or ram to run most POS programs. I actually use one of these units for my demos, they are that reliable and functional, even though the unit is quite old.
I would advise you on the downsides of this though; unit will not support anything beyond windows XP and it is quite noisy as there are 2 fans. Don’t expect a speed demon machine, but if your looking to start with used equipment I don’t think you can go wrong with posiflex terminals.