How late do I stay open??

ok here is another couple of questions to you pizza gurus out there!

  1. how late do you stay open and offer deliveries, and how would you translate this into percentage of evening sales by time periods. The Idea behind this is to figure out how profitable or not is it to stay open late, how late. Also what are the busiest days for late order business, is it worth it to stay open late all week or just on the weekends?

8-10pm 60% of evening sales
10pm to 11pm 20%
11pm to 1am 20%

Evening Sales Sun-wens. 40% Thurs-Sat 60%

That’s going to depend on your own business and how late people order pizza.

We are open until 11 PM on Sunday - Thursday and until 1 AM on Friday & Saturday. If you are in a college town or a place with some other type of active night-life, you may consider staying open later on Thursday.

Set some closing times, try it for a couple months, track how busy you are during the last hour, and that will tell you if you need to close earlier or if you could make more $ by staying open even later.

Every market is different.

We close at 8pm sun-wed, 9pm thu-sat. Our area is comprised primarily of young families and older folks. We actually only get a couple orders after 7.

open and deliver mon-sat 11-10, kitchen closed after 9 (pizza only)
closed sundays
i have found that simpler the hours for customers to remember the better

I’ve always felt you should be open one hour later than your competitors. Or at the very least close at the same time they do.

Sunday-Thursday we close at 11pm
Friday and Saturday we close at 1am

“It’s all about availablity…” -Sonny in A Bronx Tale