how long can you keep cheese cake in the refrig

want to sell cheese cake, how long can you keep it in the refrigerator.
thanks, kel

We sell a commercially available cheesecake. We keep it in the freezer for 4 months without appreciable quality loss. We take several slices out to thaw overnight, and can keep those tightly wrapped in fridge for maybe 5 days. After that, they lose texture and get kinda gummy. We know about how m,any we can sell in a week, and thaw them on 1st day. End of week, sometimes staff get some treats to take home.

A fresh, shop make cake I would think in friedge 5 days would be outside window of quality. 7 days would be health guidleines. Freezer is your friend for high fat foods!

Have you tried just pulling them out of the freezer and eating them?

We get ours from a local baker but they are SERVED FROM the freezer.
It’s odd…they don’t freeze solid hard and taste awesome.

We literally take it from the freezer and serve, best invention ever cuz we used to throw at least 2 slices of chz cake a week.

We get ours frozen as well. We also serve it “frozen” It’s very good! By the time the customer gets it home, it’s perfect.

I’ve eaten lots of turtle cheese cake frozen, man is it good.