How long do you proof your dough?

I met a gourmet pizza chef in Brazil who proofs his dough for 40 minutes, I met one in France who proofs his dough for a week. What have you found is the best time frame for proofing?

We like at least a 48 hour rest in the cooler, 72 hours is better.
Other than that, we go directly from the cooler to the stretching table as needed.
If we know we’ll need dough faster, we take a few pounds from a previous batch and mix them in with the new batch to help flavor and other qualities.

best 48 hrs, 24hrs normal day

a week! sound like sour dough…we proof ours for at least 24 any more than 3 days it starts to ferment.

24 to 72 with 48 being ideal

dough is good up to 5 days, ideal is 2 to 3. Can use it in 24 hours if i prep it right.

we proof for 24 hours - 48 hours

Ideal for us is to make dough in the morning and use it the next (2nd) day in the evening… so about 30-36 hours but it is still great the third day and usable the fourth.

We tend not to use past the third day though preferring to mix it back into a new batch.

Cold-proofing for at least 36 hours and up to 72 hours seems to work best for me.

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