how long does cheese last

my last whole milk diced mozzarella came in today, 11/24, with a packing date of 10/03.
How long does the cheese last good ? may be 10 weeks from packing date before I use the last of it.

At the company I work for, the shelf life for our mozz is 7 days, but it’s shredded. Call your purveyor and ask them, they should know.

I heard your supposed to let it sit for a month b4 you shred it, dont know the truth on that. I have mines sit for a week b4 I use it.

I have no problem letting cheese sit for 6-8 weeks… but the cheese you describe was 7 weeks old when it reached you. That seems a little much to me unless you are going to use it all in the next week or so. If you see mold spots on it, you can trim them off and still use the cheese, but I would be calling my rep if I received cheese that was already 7 weeks old when it hit my door.

I always check dates on my product when it comes in the door and I have coached those who check it in when I’m here to do the same. If the shelf life isn’t to my par… I send it back and get full credit for it. 7 weeks old does seem to be a bit too long. According to the USDA the shelf life of whole mozzerella shouldn’t exceed 120 days, for shredded mozz it shouldn’t exceed 90 days. It doesn’t mention cubed, but to be on the safe side I would say 90 days.

Always always always check dates when product is coming in the door, if the dates aren’t good for at least a week, send it back. You should also do random temperature checks on perishables as well. If your product is coming in at 60 degrees, chances are it’s bad and there is nothing you can do to make it safe.

that would depend on how well your refrigerator works?

usually 45 days after the born on date