How long has your longest working employee worked for you ?

Also list the craziest character and their most memorable quirks!!!;):D:p:p:rolleyes:

Counting seasonal people who come back for the winter season we have one driver in his 16th year and another at about 14 years. A couple of other regular employees around 6-7 years.

We have 4 still going since 1989
Another 12 from the mid 90’s
Another 20 or so from 10 years ago.

That makes up about half the crew. The other half is 5 years to 1 week in the system. We have been very fortunate to have a good crew over the years and is the largest part of our success.

As for wacky people. There are far too many to list. We are currently taking nominations in our stores for the wackiest stories and we are going to compile a top 10 in the near future.

David, when i was in your store last month, your crew was working hard, all able bodied men focused on their work, no teens i could see, GOOD JOB,if you don’t mind me asking, what is your pay scale for cooks ??? one of the reasons i’m relocating is the difficult labor force available here in Tahoe

Its been a long time since we had teenagers at the store with a few exceptions. My daughters worked at the stores as teenagers and we have had the occasional son or daughter of a team member work part time here or there. We do start at minimum wage for everyone although I think I might re-evaluate that. The crew you saw has been around a while and pretty much the entire store has some management responsibilities. They may work as an insider or driver most of the time and then open or close the store once or twice a week. Most of the guys and gals that do this type of job make around 11 to 13 per hour and some of them deliver so they make tips also. The part time weekend people make 9 to 10 per hour. The AM and GM make considerably more. Their pay is based on sales. The more pizzas they sell the more they make. Everybody has to do every job though. Cleaning, dishes, everybody has to help. All drivers have to help with pizzas, take phone orders, and clean. All managers have to help deliver if needed. Prep people help up front and front people help prep. All of this includes me too. I will never ask someone to do a job that I won’t do myself. We find this system works best because we can run the stores with less bodies and then those bodies can make more per hour. I always laugh watching Kitchen Nightmares when the cooks get backed up and the waitstaff stands there watching them. We are by no means perfect here though. Our big busy store has a few too many new people at this point in time so he is having some of those issues stand around issues. He is bringing groups of new guys every Tuesday for training util he can restore order.